I've built this website using a number of libraries, applications and services, mainly open-source. Here's a run-down of the components (in no particular order):

  • Ghost - the blog itself
  • TDP Ghost theme 1 - my imaginitively named Ghost theme, small and large screen friendly, very minimal and fast
  • Font Awesome - an amazing vector icon library
  • Forever - NodeJS module which daemonises Ghost
  • NodeJS - Ghost is written in NodeJS
  • Nginx - Is the world-facing web server which proxies to NodeJS
  • MySQL - the primary datastore for Ghost (running as an AWS RDS instance)
  • AWS SES - the SMTP for Ghost email messages
  • Monit - keeps a watchful eye on the Forever process
  • Debian - the server operating system
  • DotDeb - an excellent specialist Debian package repository, maintained by Guillaume Plessis
  • AWS EC2 - the VI which hosts the virtual machine instance which Debian runs on
  • AWS EBS - Block storage for persistence of content data in Ghost (and for RDS)
  • OpenSSL - used by Nginx to encrypt/decrypt HTTP responses/requests
  • SPDY - provides a multiplexed, persistent HTTPS connection between client and browser saving HTTP round trips
  • HTML5 - the HTML you're reading
  • CSS 3 flexbox - CSS layouts as they should be

Hopefully i've not forgotten anything major. I am aiming to write up some info on this setup for anyone interested - this should include installer scripts for all the above (on top of Debian).